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Common Surgical Procedures

SUBACROMIAL DECOMPRESSION: Removing bone spurs that rub into the rotator cuff.

ROTATOR CUFF REPAIR: A tear/hole in the rotator cuff muscles, which are tendons that move and secure the shoulder joint. This is either done arthroscopically or in an open procedure depending on the size of the tear/hole. Immobilization is required for up to six weeks following the procedure and a home exercise program will be initiated following the immobilization. Dangling the arm is all that is allowed for four weeks; othewise, the arm is in the immobilizer.

MUMFORD PROCEDURE: Opening and cleaning out of arthritis from the acromial clavicular joint. (where the clavicle and point of shoulder meet.)

SLAP REPAIR: A tear in the lip of the cartilage that the biceps attaches to at the top of the joint. With this procedure sugar rivets are inserted into the soft tissue to help keep the labrum in place. These are dissolved by the body after four weeks. Immobilization is required following this procedure for approximately four weeks.

LYSIS OF ADHESIONS: Cleaning out of scar tissue, usually after manipulating and breaking scar.

THERMAL CAPSULAR SHIFT: This procedure uses a heat probe arthroscopically to shrink a stretched joint capsule, to tighten the joint.

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