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Common Questions Following Shoulder Surgery

1. When do I see the doctor?
Be sure to make a post-operative doctor's appointment when you return from the hospital.
Your appointment should be 10 -14 days from your date of surgery.

2. When can I return to work?
Questions regarding your return to work will be answered at your post-op appointment.

3. Can I drive?
It is not recommended to drive in this state while in an immobilizer.

4. Can I shower?
You may shower but do not allow the surgical site (sutures) to become saturated with water until the sutures are removed.

5. When do my bandages come off?
Your can remove your bandages the morning after you return home. If your incision continues to drain, keep them clean and cover them with a band-aid or sterile gauze.

6. How can I get more comfortable?
If you cannot sleep in bed, try a Lazy-boy or couch. Prop your shoulder or body up with pillows. Sit or lay in different positions. Medication and the ice unit or ice packs have been prescribed for your comfort.

7. When do I start formal physical therapy?
Dr. Ciullo will inform you at the hospital if and when physical therapy should be started.

8. Sling vs. Immobilizer:
If a sling is provided at the hospital, you may remove it the day following surgery.
If you are given an immobilizer, you need to wear it at all times for the first 4 weeks.
Dr. Ciullo will advise you before leaving the hospital.

9. Can I use a hot pack?
NO!!! Do not use heat until you are at least 2 weeks post-op.
Heat will cause swelling and increase pain.

10. Should I use ice?
YES!!! Use as much ice as possible for the first week following surgery to keep swelling down (swelling causes pain and stiffness). Your ice unit was given to replace the use of the ice packs; if you did not receive an ice unit, please use ice packs.

11. What exercises do I do and how much?
Dr. Ciullo will advise you prior to leaving the hospital what protocol you need to follow.
Each procedure will require different protocol, please follow Dr. Ciullo's instructions.

12. Why am I bruising?
This is normal bleeding following surgery.
Gravity will pull the bruise down your arm and/chest with time.

13. Why is my neck sore?
Relax! This is usually means that you are tense and overprotecting your shoulder. Always use good posture when sitting and standing.

14. How much pain is normal?
Everyone's response to pain is different, but certain pain is normal. It can spread from your head to your fingertips, so don't panic. Make sure that the straps of your immobilizer or sling aren't too tight. Use your ice unit or ice packs and your medication.

15. When should I take my medication?
Use what your doctor prescribes. If you find you can do without it during the day, do so. Don't be a hero, however. It is there for you to use. Sleeping can be especially difficult, so use your medication at night.

16. Why is there drainage and bleeding?
Bleeding is normal after surgery and usually clears up after two days. Drainage is not unusual because water is used during surgery. Bleeding in the tubing of the pain pump is normal because it is just backflow.